Aviation Landmarks Report

2015 North Texas aviation landmarks and historic site report now available
We have just completed the 2015 edition of our annual aviation landmarks and historic sites report. This year’s report has expanded to 40 topics. Again this year, we begin the report with sites we consider to be under threat of deterioration, development or destruction.

Beginning in last year, we published a list of aviation related sites and landmarks relevant to the history of aviation in North Texas. This year’s list contains forty locations. The sites are listed in one of five groups. In the first group are sites we consider threatened for various reasons and require attention to be protected from loss or damage. The next group lists sites that should be considered for Texas Historic Commission markers, and our priorities in pursuing recognition for those sites. Priority is based on historical significance, locations with high visibility, ease of access for placement of a marker and potential for raising required funding to apply for and pay for a marker. In some instances, such as Meacham Airport, markers will recognize a group of events or individuals based on activities in and around the area.

Included in the third group are locations already identified with Texas Historical Commission (THC) markers and are considered safe. The fourth group lists locations already recognized by some type of marker, such as local markers, Recorded Texas Historical Landmarks (RTHL) or National Registry of Historic Places (NRHP). These are considered “safe sites” and efforts to pursue Texas Historical Commission recognition is not a high priority at this point if the aviation-related significance is noted. The final group is new. It is a list of graves, homesteads and airfields.  Graves and homesteads refer to people who have made significant contributions to aviation here and where they lived. Most if not all of these locations need more research.

Other sites are under consideration for this list, but need more research before we publish them.

We welcome assistance, suggestions and participation from anyone in our community with an interest in aviation and research. No experience needed; consider this a crowd sourcing opportunity and join us. If you would like to help or know of a site we should consider, please contact us at Info@FtwAviation.com.

Click here to view the report.