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Welcome to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum
Fort Worth Aviation Museum Announced Management Changes

FORT WORTH, TEXAS. March 24, 2014.  On Saturday, March 15th, Jim Hodgson, Executive Director of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum, was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the OV-10 Bronco Association, the parent company of the aviation museum.  He succeeds Chuck Burin who has held the position for nine years.

         Hodgson, one of the founders of the organization in 1997, will also continue as Executive Director.  At the same time, Angela Bennett-Engele assumed the office of President of the Association. Mrs. Engele has been is deeply committed to the organization through her father Captain Steve Bennett, Medal of Honor, in the OV-10 Bronco in SEA. She and her family have been members of the group from the early years of its existence. For the last couple of years she and her family have been active volunteers. Most recently she has taken on the responsibilities of volunteer administrator. As her experience and abilities grow, so will her responsibilities. 

 Mrs. Engele is a resident of Lewisville, Texas.

         Chuck “Igor” Burin is also one of the Founders of the Bronco Association and has been the OV-10 historian for many years. When Chuck followed Ron Fix as Chairman in 2005, the small group had just moved into a new meeting room and museum at the Vintage Flying Museum. He was instrumental in establishing the Forward Air Controller's Museum and acquisition of the first airframe in its collection, the OV-10 factory mockup.  Chuck guided the group through the acquisition of twenty-three more aircraft; four Cowtown Warbird Roundup fly ins, ( REDUNDANT) numerous reunions and the move and transition to the current location at 3300 Ross Avenue. His solid leadership and professionalism kept the organization on course and on target.  Igor now becomes the Chairman Emeritus.

         Over the last couple of years, it became obvious that the path to a perpetual museum is through the rich story of aviation history in North Texas. The museum has grown into a true community asset and education resource. It uses the stories of the OV-10, Forward Air Control and the history of aviation in North Texas to inspire local young people to careers in aviation and aerospace. At the same time, educating our community to the impact aviation has had on their lives and the culture and economy of the area. It is a rich story of people, aircraft and growth, and, we find connections between the Bronco,  Forward Air Control/Close Air Support and local history all the time. 

 Considering the evolution of plans to expand locally, Chuck and the Board felt that the local leadership was best suited to moving the Fort Worth Aviation Museum forward. The board of directors agreed Hodgson was best suited to guide the expansion efforts forward to a regional museum capable of projecting the North Texas stories and heritage into the future. 

Fort Worth Aviation Museum Announces Annual Aviation Landmark and Historic Sites Report
Since the first powered flight in Fort Worth in 1911, aviation has changed the culture and economy of North Texas.  Yet, most resident here have little knowledge of the abundance of aviation history around them.  Nearly half of the current Fort Worth population of 800,000 here today did not live here twenty-five years ago.  With the lack of visible landmarks to see and appreciate, our rich aviation history mostly goes unnoticed other than the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth or the Bell Helicopter sites around the area.  Aviation seems to be only at the airports, while in fact some people live and work on top of World War I and II airfields and airplane factories.       
 The Fort Worth Aviation Museum hopes to change that and increase the community’s awareness of the rich local aviation history and stories of the people who made that history, and put North Texas on the map as a premier aviation center of the world. 
 Beginning this year the museum will publish an annual list of North Texas Aviation Landmarks and Sites.  This year’s list outlines twenty-five of some of the more important sites and presents a priority for officially recognizing those locations.  Many of the noted locations inspired people to careers in aviation and it is hoped that their deeds and stories will inspire young people of the area to careers in aviation and aerospace as they learn about the hidden aviation treasures of North Texas.
       To learn more, visit us at 3300 Ross Avenue on the south end of historic Meacham Field or click here to download a copy. 

Texas State Historical Marker Dedicated.
On Saturday, January 11th we dedicated the above pictured marker commemorating the first powered flight in Fort Worth.  Here is a short description of the even by Griffin T. Murphey.
      "On Saturday, Jan.11, about 250 people gathered near Montgomery Plaza to dedicate the First Flight Park. This was the site of the first powered airplane flight in Fort Worth, 103 years ago, by Roland Garros. If the name rings a bell it is because the French Open tennis championship is held in a stadium named in his honor as a pioneer aviator, tennis player, and war hero. 
     As Mayor Pro-Tem Zim Zimmerman said, "Imagine Fort Worth without Lockheed, Bell...(Vought, British Aerospace, Interconnect, and hundreds of other aerospace businesses present and past could be added to that list!) DFW, Alliance..." - well, we'd be broke. Aerospace is the third leg of the economic triad Fort Worth was built on after cattle and oil, if you don't know.
     Mayor Price, Chief Halstead, councilmen Shingleton and Jordan attended. There was a stirring 7 plane flyover to La Marseillaise and a colorful balloon launch. All of the local aviation boosters and historians were there."
      Developer Phillip Poole of TownSite showed some conceptual drawing of what the park will look like when it is completed.  Below are the drawing that were shown.  It will be a spectacular park, including a full scale Bleriot XI.
   The marker has been removed for safe keeping until the park's construction is completed when it will be reinstalled.  
Below is a video of the celebration.
Here's the program from the celebration.  Plan to be with us again next year.

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