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Welcome to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum
 Tarrant County Archives is Home to Many Aviation Treasures 
   The Tarrant County Archives, located at 100 E. Weatherford Street in downtown Fort Worth houses a growing collection of local area aviation items.  Under the direction of Dr. Dawn Youngblood, the collection has just acquired many items acquired form the City of Fort worth form the former Fort Worth Air and Space Museum Foundation.   
   The current aviation display has a variety of unique items spanning over 100 year of local aviation history.  For more details and to search on line, see their website at 
 Outer hall at Tarrant County Archives. 
 Some North Texas aviation items on display at the Tarrant County Archives.

 Help us SAVE SAM'S F-4
   On April 16th, 1966, then US Air Force Captain Sam Johnson and Weapons System Officer, First Lieutenant Larry Chesley, were flying in an F-4C Phantom II on a mission north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in North Vietnam.  That mission turned out to be the last one for both men.  They were shot down and became prisoners of war for seven years.  After a distinguished career in the Air Force, Sam Johnson had a successful business carer followed by his election to the Texas Third District of the United States House of Representatives.   
   To Honor Congressman Johnson's service and sacrifices to our country, the Fort Worth Aviation Museum and others supporters have begun a campaign to rehabilitate our F-4C to the look of the aircraft the Congressman was shot down in. Please see below for details and help us SAVE SAM'S F-4.  (Click image to download a copy of the brochure.)
Click here to visit the SAVESAMSF4.ORG website or click the button below to donate now. 

Fort Worth Aviation Museum Announces Annual Aviation Landmark and Historic Sites Report
Since the first powered flight in Fort Worth in 1911, aviation has changed the culture and economy of North Texas.  Yet, most resident here have little knowledge of the abundance of aviation history around them.  Nearly half of the current Fort Worth population of 800,000 here today did not live here twenty-five years ago.  With the lack of visible landmarks to see and appreciate, our rich aviation history mostly goes unnoticed other than the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth or the Bell Helicopter sites around the area.  Aviation seems to be only at the airports, while in fact some people live and work on top of World War I and II airfields and airplane factories.       
 The Fort Worth Aviation Museum hopes to change that and increase the community’s awareness of the rich local aviation history and stories of the people who made that history, and put North Texas on the map as a premier aviation center of the world. 
 Beginning this year the museum will publish an annual list of North Texas Aviation Landmarks and Sites.  This year’s list outlines twenty-five of some of the more important sites and presents a priority for officially recognizing those locations.  Many of the noted locations inspired people to careers in aviation and it is hoped that their deeds and stories will inspire young people of the area to careers in aviation and aerospace as they learn about the hidden aviation treasures of North Texas.
       To learn more, visit us at 3300 Ross Avenue on the south end of historic Meacham Field or click here to download a copy. 

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