Preservation. Inspiration. Education

To accomplish its core principles, Fort Worth Aviation Museum must first PRESERVE our collective heritage so the accomplishments and people who built our rich history are not forgotten. Aviation has changed lives and transformed North Texas from a farm and ranch economy and culture into one of the most dynamic aviation and aerospace centers in the world. The people of North Texas, lead by people like Amon Carter, Sr., have built over 68,000 airplanes here since 1941, infusing the area with $1 trillion dollars in direct economic impact from those aircraft. Countless thousands of people have had a part in this story, and today over 20% of the working population are in aviation related careers, one of the highest concentrations in the country. And yet, few people are aware of how their lives have been changed by aviation.

The second of our core values, and the most important, is INSPIRATION. Using our aviation heritage, we strive to inspire our young people to stay in school and achieve their full potential. We use many tools for this, including the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) aspects of flight as well as experiences with actual military aircraft.

Our third core value is EDUCATION. Preservation is integral to making our heritage discoverable to our community in many ways, through exhibits, events, presentations, and outreach programs. Historic preservation is the catalyst for our mission: Giving Wings to Youth and Community Through our Aviation Heritage.