Flight simulators have been in use for more than 100 years. We have several flight simulators experiences available to visitors.

Flight Simulator Overview

A flight simulator is a technologically advanced machine that is built around the look and feel of an aircraft’s cockpit. Different flight simulators have different experiences and features. Oftentimes, you’ll notice computer-generated pictures on a screen. These will mimic what the pilot sees. Our simulators leverage mechanisms that move structures that will actually imitate the motion of aircraft. Flight simulators are regularly used in pilot training programs.



Cockpit Procedures Trainers. Our T-38 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) is one of our more popular museum exhibits. You can climb into a real cockpit (our trainer is the same cockpit that is on our F-5E Tiger II aircraft) and manipulate all the controls, just like being in a real airplane.

Desktop Simulators. We have three desktop simulators that visitors can fly alone or with the help of one of our docents. Visitors can fly helicopters, jets (including most airplanes in our collection), seaplanes, and spaceships. The only difference between these simulators and real airplanes is feeling G forces.

Virtual Reality Simulators. We open up our mobile simulator with four virtual reality flight experiences for special events. After a briefing in the “Ready room,” you’re prepared to enter the sims bay for a virtual reality flight off an aircraft carrier to shoot down “bogies.” On special occasions, we also have a T-37 Tweet, F/A18, and RF-4 cockpit trainers and an RF-8 Crusader simulator in a trailer that are made available for close inspection.


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