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Photography/Filming Location Agreement

This Photography/Filming Location Agreement is entered into between The Fort Worth Aviation Museum as the owner of the premises and Grantor of access to the premises, and _____________________________________ the party seeking to use the premises for photography or filming purposes. 

The parties agree as follows:

  1. SCHEDULE: Photoshoots must be scheduled at least a week in advance, and cancellation within 24 hours will result in cancellation fee of $50. 
  2. GRANT OF ACCESS: Photographers shall have access to the grounds, buildings, fixtures, and other personal property, power outlets, utilities, and driveways as agreed upon before the photoshoot. Said permission shall include the right to bring in camera(s) and lighting equipment, personal effects, props, and audio visual tools as needed. All equipment must be removed once the shoot is complete. Museum staff or volunteer will be present to grant access. 
  3. MODIFICATION OF PROPERTY: All photographers, participants, and anyone not professionally affiliated with the museum must agree there will be no modification of museum property by anyone other than museum staff.  
  4. PAYMENT: The museum charges $100 per hour with a limit of 4 hours for a photoshoot. 15 minutes before the photoshoot and 15 minutes after the photoshoot are included in this fee for setup/tear down. If you require more than the 4 hour limit please speak with us about terms. We require payment before or at the time of the photoshoot. The photoshoot cannot begin until payment is processed. 
  5. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Museum membership entitles you to 20% off photoshoot fees. 
  6. CREDIT: You must credit the museum as the location of your photoshoot. We also request a copy of photos taken at the museum. We will not use your photographs for any commercial purposes without your express permission. 
  7. CLEANING FEE: If the museum property is left in a condition which requires cleaning or maintenance a cleaning fee of up to $100 can be assessed.

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