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Summer Drone Cadets Camp

Drone Camp is the coolest intersection of STEM learning and fun.

We are excited to announce three drone classes using our Drone Cadets AV STEM education program this summer. Our certified instructors and student graduates will conduct three classes, one for boys, one for girls, and one advanced program.

Drone Cadets is the most fun and engaging drone education program anywhere. Accredited by, it has helped thousands of students worldwide to become safe, responsible drone pilots. Drone Flight School is the perfect entry-level drone training for reading-age students from elementary to college.

The entry-level class is intended for beginners aged 12 to 14.

Curriculum Overview & Outcome

Drone Camp is the coolest intersection of STEM learning and fun. Kids get a taste of cutting-edge technology and learn about coding, problem-solving, engineering, design, and more!

Parts of a Drone

Role of the TeamDrone Safety & Ethics

FAA Rules

Drone Navigation

Real-World Uses of Drones

Safety & FAA Rules

We begin with Safety which is the foundation of Drone Cadets’ training. Then we overlay the FAA Rules & Regulations everyone needs to know.

Theory & Practice

Successful drone flight hinges upon a delicate balance of physics, aerodynamics, robotics, electronics, and doing a bunch of little stuff the right way every single time. Drone Cadets helps students achieve success through repetition, procedures, and real-world best practices.


Drone Cadets also focus on soft skills, reinforcing ethics, perseverance, team building, and courage while igniting critical thinking. Creating good habits builds character. The idea that a Drone Cadet does the right thing—even when no one is watching, is reinforced in every single class.

Flight Skills

When learning to fly, there’s no substitute for “Time on the Sticks!” Drone Cadets builds pilots by giving students the experience of flight with hands-on Signature Learning Activities, missions, games, and challenges, all designed to get students comfortable with drone flight. Learning to control a drone with the Drone Cadets method can be effective virtually, in real life, and as a hybrid.

Each three-day class is designed for beginners and suited for students 12-14 years of age. The class size will be limited to eight students. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a drone of their own, a special Drone Cadet T-shirt, lunches, and snacks.

The cost of the course, including uniform, materials, refreshments, and drone, is $299.

An all-boys class will meet June 7-9 from 9 am to 4 pm each day.

An all-girls class will meet June 21-23 from 9 am to 4 pm each day.

July’s Advanced class info, soon!


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